"Katharine Cole...has a voice to kill for: clear and powerful and devoid of fraudy nuances." - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Katharine Cole sings 'em and writes 'em with a mix of purtiness and toughness..."      - San Francisco Chronicle

"What a singer!" - R. Oermann, Music Row Magazine, Nashville TN

"Katharine is one of the best vocalists to come out of the Bay Area in a decade." - Jeffrey Wood, Fantasy Studios

"I don't know what's more impressive, Cole's ability to transition from an upbeat celebrant to a touching, softer-voiced balladeer, or the unstopple conviction that has motivated her fabulous career. Count me an instant fan of this superb artist." - J. Serinus, Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco

…That’s right, in an industry that steadfastly refuses to allow its artists to be out with their lives, [Cole] is a defiant breath of fresh air who dares anyone to try and put her in a closet and opens doors everywhere she goes solely on the merit of her talent. “It’s always great to perform and see all of the happy, smiling faces in the audience,” said [Cole] in a recent phone interview with iOut. “It’s a great time to be out there doing what I’m doing. I have found that most people who see me perform don’t see a gay artist, they see a country singer they like. My biggest challenge is educating people to the fact that I can be an out lesbian and still live a country life and sing country music. Out performers can make it and make it well in the Americana and Country music genres.” Though [Cole] doesn’t write specifically for a gay or straight audience, her talent was acknowledged by the 2005 Outmusic Awards as Best Debut Female Artist, an honor which she proudly displays for all to see. “I was not expecting to win,” said Cole of the award. “I was blown away and it [the award] has really catapulted me into the awareness of a lot of new listeners who might not have heard my work otherwise. I can’t be happier to be the ambassador for country music in the women’s community.”  - F. Daniel Kent, iOut Magazine Nashville

"Katharine Cole hails from the fair state of Texas, home of Janis Joplin, that  other power belter.  Cole is a little lady with an incredibly huge voice that embraces an intriguing dichotomy of toughness and tenderness.... Her voice is rich with the rhythms of a life's travels and experiences and tinted with the ugly realities of punk."  -W. Palmer, American Music Press

“While predictions are a dangerous thing in the music business, you don’t have to go too far out on a limb to figure on Katharine Cole being the next big star to emerge from the Bay Area.  After establishing herself as a major presence on the local club scene, Cole has started to create a national buzz in the past year with performances at key music industry confabs.  ...To her credit, she is still one of the most diverse and difficult to peg artists on the local scene.  She’s equally confident and convincing whether stomping through a hard-rock workout or crooning a languid country-flavored tune, her iron-strong voice adapting to any extreme. ...”   - The Oakland Tribune

"[Cole's] music resonates with the sweet, innocent purity of vintage country, with a rascally energy percolating beneath it all." -City Beat, Cinncinati, OH

"Opening for Aaron Tippen tonight, [Cole] had folks standing on their feet by the last tune, begging for more. That doesn't happen here too often..." - M. Wilson, Q106FM

"Cole is the real thing and it's so nice to hear something authentic again." - B Wence, Radio Promotions Nashville, TN

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